Bruges – The Venice of the North

Bruges - The Venice of the North

It is one of the most beautiful historical cities - not only in Flanders, but in the world! Here you can eat something nice (waffles and fries are a must if you are in Belgium), stroll through the winding streets and alleyways and discover lots of things - there is just so much to see ...

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Hotel Review: Hotel Navarra, Bruges

From the outside, this delightful, centrally located 4-star-hotel is a feast for the eyes. Right in the heart of Bruges stands this magnificent building with private parking. At the very beginning of my stay, I noticed the super friendly and attentive staff, which spoke several languages ​​fluently.

Near the Hotel Navarra you will find a great number of great restaurants, all of which are furnished very custom and with a special eye for details. In the meantime, I got the impression that the Belgians are doing a pretty great job at picking a lovely interior design. For example, the classic furnishings are often combined with modern wall colors and decorative pieces, resulting in a harmonious mix of styles. The hotel’s central location allows you to visit concerts or various museums and take a walk through the historic city center. The lovely "big market" and the shopping streets are roughly a 150m walk away from the Hotel Navarra. (I will go into details in my next blog entry...)

What I particularly liked about the hotel:

- The hotel is located very central. It is just a 3-minute walk to the Town Hall Square in Bruges.

- Parking is also available, which is very crucial in Bruges. However, the optional parking space comes with an extra charge of €20,- per night.

- I especially like these kind of romantic, ivy-covered buildings and their charm very much, so the Hotel Navarra met my taste.

What I did not like as much about the hotel:

- The rooms themselves are clean and functional, but that’s it - some might say the rooms seem a bit pared-down to the minimum.

- Considering the hotel offers their guests a pool and sauna area, it would have been desirable to have bathrobes in your room. Or at least, if any were available at the hotel’s reception. Because who takes a bathrobe with them on short trip?


Hotel Navarra
Sint-Jakobsstraat 41 , B-8000 Brügge, Belgien
Tel +32 0 50 34 05 61 |

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A beautiful place – Le Pain Quotidiens

A beautiful place - Le Pain Quotidiens

The "Le Pain Quotidiens" in Bruges invites you to relax and have a feast in this hectic and seemingly unstable time and age. It is located on Simon Stevin Square, right in the center of the picturesque city of Bruges. Without a doubt it is one beautiful spot, that should definitely be on your list when visiting West Flanders.

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